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Posted on February 1, 2011


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Finding out there are over 500 students with part-time jobs and 60 full-time career employees, I thought others would like to know ways they can make money by working for ASI.  There are six departments to work for within ASI programs: Business Services, Children’s Programs, Multiple Areas, Recreational Sports, Student Government, and University Union programs.  Having so many options, there’s a good chance you can pick a job that you’re interested in and will have some kind of learning experience.  For students, a plus for being employed by ASI is that you work on campus, so it’s close and accessible, and they understand you’re a student, so they claim to be flexible with hours and scheduling.  Also, by working as a student for ASI, you could find or get offered internships through an area or program you’re interested in.

Here are several ASI employees in various departments this quarter.

Club Services in the ASI Epicenter

Becky Kane, a Club Services Assistant says the biggest part of her department is the paperwork and making sure the clubs know what to do.

Becky Kane is a full-time staff member, serving as a Club Services Assistant.  She graduated Cal Poly SLO in December 2007.  Becky worked for ASI as a student, in the Childrens’ Center, and heard about the job opening right after graduation, which worked out great for her because you can start working full-time for ASI as soon as the quarter following graduation.  She’s been working for the Club Services Department since.  Becky says she enjoys her job, which it’s a fun position with constant change.

“I really enjoy working for ASI [as a full-time staff member].  It’s a great environment and the perfect transition from college to career; you get to enjoy all of the perks of being on a college campus and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the student interactions, but not actually have to take classes.” –Kane, Club Services Assisstant

When I asked her to describe for me an average day in her job, she responded:

“Sadly, there is not an average day in this job.  Every day presents it’s own challenges, and it’s completely different from the next, but the biggest part of our job is really the paper aspect of it- making sure that all of the clubs on campus know what it is they need to do to do their accounting, and to do an event on or off campus.  Really every day is different, but that’s the beauty of the job as well- it’s never boring.”

Intramural Officials through ASI Recreational Sports

Kiyoshi Smith and Daniel Brian work as intramural dodge ball officials.

These two young men have enjoyed their job for two quarters as intramural dodge ball officials.  Their names are Daniel Brian, a crop science sophomore, and Kiyoshi Smith, an economics sophomore.  They heard about the position through friends and are glad they looked into it and applied.  Both students said they enjoy their job and would recommend it to others as well.

A typical day working as an intramural dodge ball official consists of arriving 30 minutes early to the designated shift (game time), taping the courts, checking the players in, making sure everyone has an understanding of the rules, then officiating the matches to maintain a safe and fun environment for all of the players and teams.  ASI hires for this position and other intramural official positions on a quarter to quarter basis.





Craft Center through University Union (UU) Programs

Kaitlyn Beesley-Campos has spent the last two years working at this front desk in the UU Craft Center.

Kaitlyn Beesley-Campos works for the front line services at the Craft Center.  She is a civil engineering senior and has had this job for two years. Kaitlyn told me about how she used to come in as a freshman and fell in love.  She found the position and applied online through ASI Jobs.

Five other students work in front line services, at the front desk, as well.  At the front desk, the position calls to help everyone who comes in with different tasks, assist the student coordinator of the Craft Center, and supervise whichever of the 20 instructors are in at the time teaching.  Kaitlyn explained that once you’re hired for this position, you work until you graduate.  Front line services in the Craft Center are a part-time position that continues year-round with the exception of one month off after summer school.  When asked if she enjoys her job, Kaitlyn responded with:

“I love it!  It’s a relaxed environment with positive vibes down here. We all just get along and have fun.” –Beesley-Campos, Craft Center front line services

She explained how she likes meeting all the new and different people that come through the Craft Center and she recommends it for anyone.

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